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Quilt As Desired, Heirloom quilt finishing, longarm quilting, Bonnie Sneed, Grandmother's Flower Garden  

Welcome to Quilt As Desired!  A "Helping Hand Zone!"

Custom baby giraffe quilt, under constructionQuilt As Desired invites you to capture the creativity and beauty of art with the skill of machine and hand sewing to create unique quality pieces for gift-giving, heirloom treasures, or prized textile artwork. Each project is lovingly finished with the highest quality materials and with attention to every detail. No shortcuts are taken in the construction process and the finest materials are used. With the right care, these quilts will last for many generations, and will likely increase in value as they become older.

Art experience and design knowledge are combined with sewing and seamstress skills to create truly unique items that are usually designed and crafted for a special recipient. Nearly every piece is one-of-a-kind, and will be worthy of future heirloom status.  

All longarm quilting is done free-motion, capturing the artist's "hand," and incorporating unique motifs and stitching patterns to echo, or accentuate the pattern in the fabric, or complement the overall theme or design of the quilt. While computer generated designs are more consistent, they produce a look and feel that is more mechanical and less artistic.

Whether you want special colors and motifs for a brand new baby, custom stitching on an art quilt, traditional quilting, assistance in finishing Grandma's heirloom quilt top, or a tee-shirt quilt for that teenager who is going off to college, you can rest assured that this is going to be a gift of love that will be treasured and  handed down for many generations.
Free-motion longarm quilting services are offered for those quilters who love to piece quilt tops, but hate the actual quilting process. You will be involved in the design process every step of the way, and consulted frequently to ensure that all expectations are met.  

Need help resurrecting  those UnFinished Objects?  

Please allow me to help you bring your UnFinished Objects to life!  

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona

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