Quilt As Desired - Quilt Top Preparation
  Quilt As Desired -     Custom Longarm Quilting by Bonnie Sneed
Quilt Top Preparation - Needing Machine Quilting Only

Whether you have just completed a quilted top, or have decided to enlist my help in bringing life to an older UFO (UnFinished Object), spending some time for correct preparation is the key to success.

Please print out this checklist to see if you have done everything necessary to ensure a square, flat, finely finished project.

1. Make sure that your quilt top lays flat, with no puckering or flares.

2. Press with hot iron - your quilt top should be pressed with seams going in opposite directions to avoid thickness in spots.

3. Make certain that your quilt top is square. Compare center measurements to outside measurements both vertically and horizontally. All measurements must match within 1/2 inch.  If you haven't already done so, this is a good time to read the Quilt Top Border Tips page.

4. Trim up any loose threads, and make sure that no dark threads show through light fabrics.

5. Be certain that there are no unraveling or loose seams.  Stay-stitch if necessary.

6. Make sure that there are no seam openings. Backstitch all seams - especially those at the sides.  Loading quilt tops onto longarm quilt machine rollers stresses the seams and they can separate under that stretching.

7. Stay-stitch 1/8 inch around the entire border to make sure that no seams separate.

8. Do NOT layer, baste, or pin your quilt top to batting or backing.  Fold each piece separately.

9. Do not embellish your quilt top with beads or trim until after the quilting is finished.

10.  Does your quilt have folds, embroidery or applique?  Leave specific instructions on how you want those to be handled during quilting.  They may not be conducive to an overall pattern and will most likely require custom stitching.

11. Mark your quilt top at the center top with a safety pin.  If you wish to have the recipient's initials sewn into the stitching, put the initials on a piece of paper pinned to the center top.

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