Quilt As Desired - Quilt Top Border Tips
  Quilt As Desired -     Custom Longarm Quilting by Bonnie Sneed
Quilt Top Border Tips

Since waffling and fullness (resulting in tucks or pleats) usually occur around the outside border of quilts, your quilt will be more likely to lay flat if you make some preparations before putting on the border.

Here are some tips to ensure happiness and a professional finish to your quilting efforts!

1)  Before adding the border(s), measure your quilt top at the vertical center and both vertical sides.  Add the three measurements together and then divide by 3 to get the average.  

Left side + Center + Right side= Total / 3 = Average
Ex:   62+64+63 = 189/3 = 63 inches average length

2)  Make sure that your side borders fit that average length , and then ease-in any fullness to distribute evenly, starting from the center when you pin and sew, and being careful not to stretch the fabric.  

3)  Press with hot iron, again being careful not to stretch fabric in this process.

4)  Repeat the process for the width when you add the horizontal borders.

5)  Repeat the entire process for additional borders.

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