Quilt As Desired - Preparation for Quilting
  Quilt As Desired -     Custom Longarm Quilting by Bonnie Sneed
Preparation for Quilting - A few VERY important steps

The following pages are a must-read for any quilter who wants to send out their quilt tops to be quilted on a longarm machine. Longarm quilters have the advantage of seeing many quilt tops completed over the years by quilters of varying experience and ability.  Everyone starts as a novice, so no one should be afraid to take their quilt tops to a professional longarm quilter (remember...this is a "No Fear Zone") but some of the best tips that have helped others find success - even with a first time quilt - are compiled here to avoid mishaps that might make longarm machine quilting impossible.

Please click on the above links to helpful pages.  These are not just strong suggestions, but are requirements that most longarm quilters will want addressed before they will work on a quilt top.  Any good longarm quilter will want your piece to have its best chance at success and most will be willing to give you advice on the best way to achieve that goal.

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