Quilt As Desired - Finishing of Heirloom Quilts
  Quilt As Desired -     Custom Longarm Quilting by Bonnie Sneed
Finishing of Heirloom Quilts
On occasion, someone will show up with a fabulous old quilt top that goes back generations in a family and was never completed.  Usually, these consist of feedsack materials that were used in the World War I era through the 1930s.  Many families found cotton material very hard to come by, or afford.  Feed companies realized that there was not much room for a margin of markup on their product during such depressed times, so they reasoned that they would appeal to the women purchasers through decorative packaging, and even began publishing quilt patterns in the newspapers along with their advertising.  It has been my pleasure to do the research on such patterns to find out how they were intended to be completed.  This Dresden Plate feedsack quilt top is just such a story.  It was in fabulous shape, and just needed a feedsack ice cream cone border and some quilting to finish it up.  Personally, I would have preferred to have it hand quilted, but the customer assured me that machine quilting would be fine with her.  

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